Monday, January 31, 2011

Walk the walk, talk the talk, live the life!

I am done. That's right. I am done. I am finished with discrimination. I am finished with people giving me the stink eye for my child not acting a certain way, talking a certain way or looking a certain way. I am done living up to other people's expectations.

This weekend I had the fortune; and when I say fortune it might not look that way to others, of having my child called a brat and that I should beat the crap out of him for his behavior. I smiled and looked at the person and said he has Autism and is having a meltdown. My initial reaction was wanting to claw their eyes out with my nails, but I am a better person than that. All three of my children were watching my behavior and if I want them to act a certain way, I have to model that behavior. The person who called my child a brat rolled their eyes and stormed off. My middle son, Christian, who is extremely protective of his brother told me that that person was making bad choices by being mean. And who am I to disagree? That person was making bad choices. But here I am, telling my son that we can't tell others that they are making bad choices, because they are responsible for their own behavior. I am telling this to a 4 year old. He nods his head and understands. This totally blows me away.

Back to what I am talking about. If you are going to say you will treat all people with respect, please do. Don't look at the mom with the screaming child, thinking OMG, their kid is SUCH a brat!! Think, maybe that kid is having a sensory overload. Or better yet, don't think anything. Smile and remember that the next time you judge someone else's kid, it could be you next. It could be you with the screaming child in line, getting the dirty looks and the blatant stares.
I love my son truly and will always defend him to the death but please people BE MORE RESPECTFUL!!! That is all!

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  1. I think it was great to tell the person that your soon has autism. It happens all the time that people judge and don't even think I wonder if that person or child has a reason for that behavior. It's good for people really to mind their own business or at least stop ant think. Sorry for that added stress for you :)