Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning through change

Sometimes I just don't understand.  I honestly thought things were going ok with our kids.  I don't talk a lot about what happens in our house, because quite frankly I am drowning in some ways.  I thought having a child with Autism was going to be the only thing life would throw at me.  Yeah...wrong.  Apparently mysterious forces were at work.  Hey, if she can handle one kid with Autism, she can handle two...oh and here's another child with ADHD and ODD.  Right...ok then.

Now before you think I'm asking for sympathy, I am not.  I am tired.  I am running around like I have my head cut off.  It's exhausting.  But, it's also an amazing learning experience.  I have three kids, with different needs.  And some I've never even heard of nor dealt with.  The heck is O.D.D? That's been the one I've struggled with the most.  I have been surrounded with Autism for years, but never heard of nor had to deal with O.D.D.  It's been a learning experience.

My youngest son was recently diagnosed with P.D.D and O.D.D.  That really shocked me.  Some of my closer friends would ask me if he would always do certain behaviors.  I was just in...well he's just being 2.  Nope, not being 2.  So, being who I am, I took him in to a psychologist and explained some of his...well I call them quirks.  LOL She decided it was a good idea to evaluate him.  That shocked me.  I didn't really think he'd even be considered for an Autism Spectrum Disorder. And before you stone me, I am used to severe Autism, not High Functioning. What the heck do I know? Well I should, but no I didn't.  So, the evaluation process continued for a few weeks and she had me come in for a meeting to discuss the data.  As we discussed the data, I just continued to be the person saying no...this isn't my child.  So, she took out the DSM manual and proceeded to go through the entire Autism Spectrum Checklist with me.  More of it fit him...and it made me want to cry.  How the hell did I not see this? Why was I in such denial?  So, I walked out of the office, barely able to think.  Holy moly I do not like that feeling.  I felt like a terrible mom.  I am a freaking graduate student in special education and I can't even see my own son's Autism.  Yeah talk about your horrible feeling...

So, now we're just waiting for another doctor to confirm it and help me come to terms with it.  For the most part I have, he's still the same kid...just quirky lol.

So, my middle son..he's struggling in school.  He has been having a lot of trouble focusing in work on his own.  He is barely passing.  And he's in kindergarten.  How can you fail kindergarten?  Well, let me tell you, the academic pressure starts the moment they walk in the door.  It surely is special...and it makes me...almost...want to homeschool my kids.  I don't have that in me.  But anyway, I started noticing he was very aggravated with lots of things and school made him angry, and that anger is kind of scary.  I, again, do not know what O.D.D looks like.  I just thought he had a crazy temper, kind of like me when people mess with my kids.  No, not a chance.  His anger started getting out of control.  Either I have been blind to it, or I really just didn't see it to be that bad.  When he started threatening us, like threatening to kill us, or threatening to do harm...I knew we had to seek help.  Plus, his doctor had just diagnosed him with ADHD and O.D.D...I didn't believe it, so we got a second opinion.

The second opinion took time, but she came to the same conclusion.  I saw the ADHD, but not the O.D.D, so I did some research....this fit him, almost to a T.  I do not think my son is a bad kid, no matter what these symptoms are. He is an amazing child. He is sweet, and can draw so well for his age....but he still has anger problems.  So...we are waiting for the final doctor appointment to help me and maybe get him some anger management as well.

I am learning.  Having three kids, who need several forms of therapy is exhausting and fascinating.  I have learned new things that I can share with other people and other families.  

I got really mad when someone told me that God gave me what I could handle.  I couldn't believe it. Who on EARTH would curse someone with three different disorders...how the hell does that work? How on earth is that even fair? What God would do that to me and my family?  

I had a to come to terms with it myself.  I am grateful to have so many people who will listen to me, even when I need to hear suck it up.  There are far worse things in life, but...right now I am learning now to see this as a well struggle.  Life gives you struggles...you just deal and move on or move with it.  I am sure there will be some more tales to tell in the near future.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fly on the Wall: What you'd hear...

You ever just think about the conversations that go on, on a daily basis within the confines of your house?  I swear I don't make this stuff up.  

My youngest son is potty training. He is very literal and serious.  One day, he sat on the potty, trying his hardest to go potty.  I heard such a heart-broken little voice trying desperately to go potty and he told me this:

"Mommy, I can't go potty."

"Well why not baby?"

"Mommy, my penis is broken."

Trying my hardest not to giggle, I had him try again later.  He thinks if he can't go, he's broken. Silly boy.

Age and kids...don't ever ask for an honest opinion from a child. They will tell you how old you look.

My husband was playing around with the boys and asked them how old they thought he was.  

"Daddy you're 45 or 50."

I laughed, but not for long.

"Mommy, you're 40 or older right?"

Blanching I giggled as they re-corrected that age to be 16.  Oh my goodness, what a bunch of jokers we have in this house.