Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrate the little things, because they matter!!

We work all our lives for the big accomplishments.  Promotions, degrees, money, lots of things.  For my son, today it was to learn how to do a button.

Caleb has always done things according to his time frame.  Which means, he didn't do things when he was 'supposed' too.  He didn't talk til he was 4.  He didn't walk correctly until he was 3.  So?  Yeah that made our lives harder, but it also made me appreciate the things he did more.  When Caleb does the little things like say a complete sentence, or learn how to do addition, I celebrate.

Today Caleb buttoned his pants for the first time.  It wasn't easy.  And it probably took him a good 10-15 minutes to get it.  He stuck his tongue out, got frustrated, and asked for help a few times.  I showed him again and again that he could do it.  And he did it.  This is what a look of pure joy looks like after accomplishment.

 This is how happy a kid looks after learning how to do something!  Sure, it may seem small to you and me, but hey the kid can button his own pants!  It's fantastic! 

Celebrate the little things in life.  Now if only I could unteach my toddler how to open doors... :)