Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things happen so fast!!!!

The last five months have been a blur. I have not been a dedicated blogger like I wanted to be, but life got in the way. For the most part, things have been fairly settled and quiet. We've been dealing with some of Caleb's medical issues, but we're getting through them. My biggest issue right now is dealing with my emotions and deployment.

As most of you know, I'm not much of a crier. I didn't cry when my kids were born and I didn't cry when my husband left. And you know what, that's how I deal. I deal with my emotions by laughing at things instead of sobbing my eyes out. I have no problem with people who cry either, because that is how they choose to express their emotions. I want to cry, some days, but I do it in private. To me crying is very personal and I don't like people seeing that side of me. So to all the criers out there, keep on crying, because its all good, I'm just not going to do it.

Things with Caleb have been very emotional lately. Some of the newer things we've started are physical therapy and appointments with neurology. In Ocotober, Caleb had a partial complex seizure. When we visited a neurologist in Denver, she asked us to get a sleep-deprived EEG an a sedation MRI. I was ok with that, because i want to know what's going on with his brain. We did the sleep-deprived EEG yesterday at Children's Mercy Hospital, because it is the best place, in my opinion, that takes care of kids with special needs. I was a nervous wreck while we were doing the EEG, but Caleb was a pro. He followed directions and the EEG technician couln't believe that he was a kid. He kept saying how good he was. We'll know the results by tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning. Fingers are crossed for a good review.

Christian started preschool this year and he's doing so AWESOME!!! He loves his teacher and talks about his new friends all the time. He recently performed in a school musical where he sang 5 Christmas songs. In Christian fashion, he sang 2 and then sat down in protest while doing the rest. Such a drama child!

Cole has changed the most. He's gone from a black-haired baby to a blonde. He's crawling and walking on the furniture and sprouted 8 teeth so far. He's growing like a week. He's changing so fast that I'm glad I carry my phone with me at all times to capture the moments of him on video and picture. He's such a onery baby.

I started my 2nd year in graduate school for my special education master's degree. I'm finding the classes challenging and interesting at the same time. I find that some of my professors think they know everything and others who are very welcome to new ideas and suggestions.

My biggest regret this year is not being able to resolve some conflicts that I have with some people. I've come to a conclusion that no matter what I do I will never be able to please her and I'm not going to try and please her anymore. I'm not living my life to please other people. My life is about my kids and my husband. My family is important to me, but the fore-mentioned people have priority.

I'm going to try and write more, but as you know, sometimes life gets in the way.

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