Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Vacation: Torture or Bliss...

Ah the time of year when parents either dread or are so excited to get their children back for two to three weeks, dependent on the school.  I, personally, cannot stand winter break.  And here's why: my son is a routine-based kid.  Well heck, so am I.  I like my routines, I create routines for this family and we thrive off of them.  And then here comes winter break to mess it all up.  What does winter break bring?  Meltdown city!!!

 Usually we try and take a trip back home to see family and that also results in more chaos.  Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my family and my husband does too.  But the poor kids are so off schedule and moody by the time we head back that we're all a bunch of crab sandwiches by the time we make it back home.

Also back home is our developmental pediatrician and our psychologist.  I usually am very apprehensive about those visits, because they can mean a few things.  1.  Your kid is regressing and needs major medication changes.  2.  He's doing great.  This trip was a #2. ok.  Forgive me, I'm about to start potty training child number 3, so my mind is full of potty slang right now.  Caleb is doing great.  He only needed a minor adjustment with his medication and his growth is off the chart.  He's already over 5'0...gasp... Dear GOD, save me from tall is this kid going to be???  I mean really??  I don't want to look up to him quite yet.

Winter vacation is almost over and I'm ready to get back into our routines.  The kids back in school, dad back to work, and me slaving over schoolwork.  Yep I'm a creature of habit. :)

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