Sunday, September 23, 2012

When friends become family

I got a call from the Autism Speaks committee after completing the walk in Denver. They asked if I would be willing to help put together the walk in Colorado Springs. It was the first walk in Colorado Springs to be done by Autism Speaks. This was a pretty big deal. Overwhelming would be a better term you could say. I have done charity work, but not on this scale. Holy peaches this was crazy. I didn't realize how much responsibility entailed a walk for charity. There are so many details and they have to be done in a very quick amount of time.

I was in charge of the corporate sponserships. First off, I am..not the best at getting people to give money. Honestly I am terrible at it. I don't really feel I lived up to my end of the deal, I really tried my best to get businesses to donate. In the end, I found one. My son's therapy clinic. They donated between $2-2500. I was pretty darn proud of that. They also sponsered my entire team's tee shirts and I was so excited.

The best part was these people in this picture. 
They came from all over Colorado Springs. They raised nearly $700. I can't take credit for any of this. They came and supported something that means a big deal to me. Some of them are connected to Autism, others were not. They came to support us, and it was our first time meeting. We met on Facebook through a support group called Support for Special Needs: Military or Not. 

I'm not one to get mushy or...emotional, but this meant a lot. To have people come and support you, it means the world to me. I didn't know them well, but they came anyways. And to that, I will be forever grateful. You have shown me what it is like to have family out here.  

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